LiveKind Kibera

LiveKind’s current primary project is LiveKind Kibera, a registered Kenyan CBO (Community Based Organisation) situated in the Ayaani Kibera slums within the Little Rock School premises.  LiveKind Kibera is provided with grants by LiveKind in the UK.

Kibera in Nairobi, is the largest urban slum in Africa. The total population is estimated to be between 500,000 and 1,000,000.

Meet our team 

Our Angel Officers, Dickson, Sylvia, and Daniel are available 24/7 to provide emergency support.

Our Angel Officers can be reached on: 

0703 181 630
0703 181 421

LiveKind Kibera case studies

These case studies provide a snapshot of the help that we have been able to provide to the community since our Angel Officers started work on 3rd August 2015.

  • Case 1 - A young boy was being beaten daily and starved. He asked for our help. We worked with the Children's Office to ensure the necessary permissions and found a place for him to live in a safe house. Our donors have also provided clothes. 
  • Case 2 - A young teenage girl was raped and needed urgent medical attention and support. Our team took her and stayed with her at hospital, gave her food to help her with her medication and found her a place at a safe house. We are also supporting her with legal help. 
  • Case 3 - A lady has been undergoing severe domestic violence which is very regular (almost daily). We helped her to receive medical attention and provided her with safe house options. 
  • Case 4 - A 15 year old girl was raped whilst doing errands for her family. Our team took her to hospital and ensured that she received immediate and on-going medical treatment. We are also supporting with legal help.   
  • Case 5 - We were alerted by a school to the case of severe neglect and hunger of a very young boy. We worked with the D.C.O and have managed to obtain a place for the child at a safe house. 
  • Case 6 - A lady was violently attacked with a machete. We took the lady to hospital where she received treatment. We are also helping the police enquiry. 
  • Case 7 - Two children had been regularly assaulted by their neighbour. We helped with emergency medical treatment after the latest attack whereby an attempt was made to strangle a child. We are supporting the ongoing enquiry.  
  • Case 8 - A husband was withholding children, including a breastfeeding baby, from their mother. We helped in the process of reuniting the children with their mother. 
  • Case 9 - A lady called our Angel Officers late at night to ask for help with severe domestic violence, which was also directed at children. Our team worked with the police to provide emergency support and a safe place for the mother and children. 
  • Case 10 - A lady was physically assaulted by her husband and called for emergency help. Our team worked with the police to provide emergency support and to ensure that the lady was able to be in a safe place. 

LiveKind Kibera partners 

Our humble and sincere thanks go to Cher Chevalier, Author, Founder & CEO of Animals Actually. Cher and her team were the inspiration behind LiveKind. Without them LiveKind would not exist. We will be forever grateful for all that they have and continue to do to help LiveKind become a reality and make a difference. 

Little Rock School provides office space and invaluable mentorship to the LiveKind team. Little Rock was founded in 2003 to fill a gap and provide a positive intervention during the most formative years for children ages 1 – 13 years in Kibera. The school’s target group are Orphans, infected & Affected by HIV Aids, poor and special needs children.

We are sincerely grateful to the school’s inspirational founder, Lilly Oyare, for going the extra mile at every opportunity to support LiveKind.


Listed below are organizations that kindly help with the care of LiveKind clients:

Nairobi Women's Hospital is one of the largest chains of hospitals in Kenya, the Nairobi Women’s Hospital provides free medical support to our clients. This trusted institution is passionate about healthcare and provides first-rate healthcare to women in Africa.


The MSF Kibera Hospital operates in Kibera, and offers free of charge medical care for our clients. At MSF’s Kibera South clinic services include inpatient and outpatient services, 24-hour maternity and delivery care as well as services for victims of sexual violence.


MACODEP Safe House was founded in 1999 by Andrew Otieno, a Kenyan who grew up in Kibera. It is one of the safe houses where we place our children. MACODEP offers health care and other related services to the less fortunate members of society. MACODEP’s focus is on improving the lives of those living in the Kibera slums via HIV/AIDS interventional, environmental sanitation and economic empowerment within the community.



CREAW (Centre for rights education and awareness) was founded in 1998 by women lawyers united by the vision to expand and actualize women’s rights, CREAW is a registered, non-profit, non-governmental organization operating in Nairobi.  CREAW is open to membership of both men and women who share the same vision of women’s development and empowerment.


Kibera Pride Safe House is a non-profit, registered NGO with a mandate to provide foster/home-care for the most vulnerable children of Kibera. Kibera Pride offers a safe   place for the children LiveKind has rescued from neglect, violence and sexual abuse. Their doors are open to all, regardless of gender, religion, race or tribe.



New Life Home Trust partners with relevant Kenyan Government Departments and other key stakeholders to identify abandoned, orphaned and other extremely vulnerable babies and young children and bring them, where appropriate, into residential or community care programmes designed to provide a compassionate response to their physical, medical, educational, emotional, sociological, and spiritual needs.


A center for all age groups, Urban Fitness provides services and activities to help people achieve their fitness goals, including gaining or losing weight, keeping in shape, and improving self-defense skills.


St. Vincent de Paul Community Development Organization is a grassroots organization located in Kibera, that is commited to working with caregivers to provide early childhood development, food, and health services to orphans and other extremely vulnerable children in the community.


The District Children's Office

The Kilimani Police Station

Ayany Police Post

Area Chief


We also give thanks for the kind support received from:

The Hatua Trust is a family run business founded by Linda Ochola. The trust aims to create a cosy and friendly atmosphere in the cafe as well as initiating group discussion and programs for social innovation.

Filamujuani was born from a passion to help eliminate poverty creatively by teaching young people how to tell their stories using video and photography. Filamujuani is a combination of two Swahili words – Filamu, meaning films, and Juani, meaning in the sun. The team believe that telling your own story is not only cathartic but also uplifting.


VirgoJoe Junior Centre was founded in 2000 and is a centre for orphans and vulnerable children in Dandora, Nairobi. The centre has 19 children, who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to access decent education due to the financial and social problems they were facing.

LiveKind Kibera board members

Chairwoman - Janet Awuor Ochola 

As a board member of Widows and Orphans international, Janet’s role has been to facilitate the implementation of all international development programmes including working very closely with partners. Janet also has extensive experience of supporting girls and women by empowering them to support themselves socially, mentally and economically, through education, counselling, mentoring, peer support, sustainable development as well as in community sensitization.

Secretary - Lilly Oyare

Lilly Oyare is a teacher, trainer, volunteer and proprietor. Lilly Oyare is the Director of Little Rock Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre in the Kenyan slum, Kibera.

Little Rock intervenes during the most crucial formative years for the vulnerable and children with disabilities ages 1 – 13 years in Kibera. The school provides the children with quality early years education and support development to prepare the children for a smooth transition to primary school.

Treasurer - Ken Oloo

Ken is the founder of Filamujuani (films in the sun), a frontline organization of Mavuno Church in Nairobi, Kenya, that teaches the youth from slums in Nairobi how they can use the skills they develop to earn a livable wage, educate themselves through college and high school, and get a career in the TV and film industry. 

Board member - Caleb Ouma Okinyi

Caleb has over 20 years of experience working with private companies as a driver and is a reliable and strong member of the LiveKind team. Operating at ground level in the slums of Kibera, Caleb’s work with the community is invaluable.